Having access to essential information about state and local maintenance codes, the code enforcement process, and an understanding of the connection between health and housing are all key components to healthy rental housing. Creating and maintaining safe and healthy rental housing requires an informed partnership between the landlord and renter. TCM Property offers helpful tips and information to our tenants about ways our rental units and homes are maintained.

Did you know?

Both state and local laws protect renters and landlords in Multnomah County. These laws are designed to prevent deterioration of the quality of rental property and to promote the health and safety of renters in the home. State and local laws also outline the rights and responsibilities for both landlords and renters. While other laws apply as well, two of the most significant laws that regulate the maintenance of rental properties in Portland are listed below. Before renting, we urge you to become familiar with these laws.

Oregon State Residential Landlord & Renter Act (ORS § 90.100-90 .875)

The Oregon State Residential Landlord & Tenant Act is a part of Oregon State civil law. Civil law, or common law, is generally used to help private citizens, such as landlords and renters resolve disputes or collect for damages done by the other party. Landlord-tenant laws, such as the ones found in the Oregon State Residential Landlord & Tenant Act, are enforced by landlords or renters. For example: when a landlord seeks to remove a renter for non-payment of rent, or damage to the rental property, they will seek to remove the renter by eviction though civil court. Conversely, when a renter seeks to enforce habitability laws, or settle disputes with the landlord, they can take the landlord to court to settle the dispute.

The Oregon Residential Landlord & Tenant Act outlines the rights and responsibilities for landlords and renters, and includes information about basic habitability and maintenance standards. The Oregon Residential Landlord & Tenant Act also covers rules about security deposits, fees, rent increases, utility payments, and the rights and duties for landlords to enter and inspect the rental unit.

The Cities of Portland, Gresham and Wood Village, as well as unincorporated Multnomah County all have rental housing maintenance regulations. Maintenance Regulations contain minimum maintenance requirements for residential buildings, including rental properties, to ensure safe, clean, and habitable living conditions. TCM Property abides to all of these rules and regulations.