About Us

Our History

TCM Property has managed multiple complexes in more than 2 counties across the state or Oregon since 1998.

Our goal is to supply our tenants with the best possible rental housing experience possible. We use the latest in technology to communicate with our tenants and improve the rental relationship. Our tenants are supplied with services that improves rental ownership through timely reporting and a strong control of housing responsibilities.

What makes us different

When you decide to rent, you not only get a new home — you get a flexible lifestyle. You’re no longer locked into a long-term financial commitment the way you can be with a house. At TCM Property, we offer even more flexibility with your satisfaction as our priority.

Private Landlord vs. Management Company

Before you begin your search, you may want to decide whether you want your home run by a private landlord or a management company. There is an important distinction. With TCM Property, you can expect prompt service handling repairs and other problems, reasonable rent increases and no hassles regarding a return of your security deposit. We respect our tenant's privacy and rights and provide more personal (and faster) service than you would get from a property management firm.

Renting a Home: Key Steps

The Lease Agreement

Once you are ready to make a commitment to a specific home and community, you will be presented with a lease agreement. The lease is a legal document that is binding for both the resident and landlord. A lease agreement specifies the terms and conditions of the agreement and defines roles and responsibilities. Read this document over carefully. Once you fully understand the legal agreement you are initiating, go ahead and take the next step. In addition, all of your roommates will need to sign the lease.

Security Deposit

You will be required to put down a security deposit that is roughly equal to one or two months' rent. This will be held by the property manager and applied to the cost of repairing any damages to the home. After deducting the proper amount to cover damages and repairs, the remainder of the security deposit is refundable when you move out of the home. Terms for holding and refunding the security deposit are spelled out in the lease. Remember this security deposit while you are living in your home; you'll want to take excellent care of your new home so it will be refunded to you when you leave.

Renter's Insurance

Before you move in, it is recommended that you obtain renters' insurance. This is a special insurance policy that protects the contents of your home from loss or damage due to fire or theft. A policy of this type is really quite affordable, and premiums are calculated based upon the value of your furniture and other personal possessions. Most companies offer policies starting at $20,000 in coverage, which costs about $150 a year. You can obtain renters' insurance by contacting your local insurance agent. Remember, any insurance carried by the property owner only insures the buildings. Protecting the contents of your home is your responsibility.

Arrange for Utilities

Because utilities such as gas and electric, cable television, Internet service, and telephone service will be placed in your name, it is your responsibility to call and order service before you move in. Depending upon your credit history, these suppliers may request a refundable deposit. This will also help you start building a credit history in your own name.